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 Uvelle Hair  (oo-vel)- adjective - an acronym used to describe the Uvelle Hair brand as follows:

Unique... Versatile... Expressive... Luminescent... Lush... Enhancing

Uvelle Hair Extensions is a multi-cultural hair extension brand providing high-end quality hair extensions with unparalleled versatility to women of all backgrounds. Created in 2008 by a scientist displeased with low-quality hair possessing limited style options and a short life span. Uvelle Hair Extensions was created with the goal of providing the most versatile hair extensions on the market created with top quality genuine 100% Raw Virgin Remy Hair! We collect our 100% Raw Virgin Remy Hair from the temples of south India to create our Indian Hair Collections. Each product in our Indian Hair Collections is created with hand-selected raw virgin Indian hair ponytails cut from one donor with the cuticles aligned in the same direction from top to bottom… a characteristic only found in true “REMY” quality hair! Our Studio Clip-ins within our Clip-in Hair Collections & The Box Office Wigs in our Russian Hair Collections are created with natural Russian hair ponytails cut with the cuticles aligned in the same direction from top to bottom. Our lace wigs, lace closures & lace frontals within our Secrets Collection are customized with our Virgin Indian Hair ponytails to match our Indian Hair Collections. Our Wavy and Curly textures are interchangeable from their wavy or curly state to straight and back again….and can be manipulated to create every texture in-between with your style method of choice. Uvelle Hair Extensions provides our customers with peerless quality 100% Virgin Raw Remy Hair Extensions with unparalleled versatility, longevity, elasticity and natural movement to every woman’s coif! Uvelle Hair is genetically designed to inspire and be remembered!


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