What are the qualities contained within your hair extensions sold at Uvelle Hair.com?

Uvelle Hair.com is the box office starlet secret to High End Quality 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions! The cuticles in our hair are aligned in the same direction from weft to tip… a characteristic only found in true “REMY” quality hair. In addition, our hair is unprocessed with all cuticles intact in our virgin remy human hair extensions. We do not believe in stripping the cuticles and thus degrading the gorgeous “natural” quality of virgin remy hair. Furthermore we do not mix our hair with non-human hair…our hair is 100% genuine! Our imported hand selected Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions are of the highest quality on the market!

Our Virgin Remy Human Hair extensions are so popular among celebrities, socialites, professional women and their stylists because they have the flexibility to match a wide range of hair textures from Caucasian to African American and offer longevity, length, fullness, versatility, elasticity and natural movement to fit every woman’s coif!

Allow us at Uvelle Hair.com to help you to “Express Your Personal Style!”

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated with color, bleach, relaxers, perms, etc.  This is the best quality hair you can buy as it feels and acts like Your Natural hair! Also, because it has not been processed, clients and their stylists are able to maximize the style potential of our hair when they process the hair for the first time. (In other words…if you color the hair you will be coloring it for the first time…not the third or fifth…)

What does REMY mean?

REMY means that the cuticles in the hair are uni-directionally aligned in the same direction from root to tip. Our hair is cut in ponytails from 1 donor and extreme care is taken to ensure that the all cuticles remain aligned in the same direction reducing excessive tangling and matting and adding to the longevity and vitality of the hair making it the highest quality of human hair extensions on the market!

What is the difference between your Virgin Remy Hair and the commonly found store bought packaged hair that is less expensive?

Each pack of our hair is collected from one donor…not randomly collected from salon floors and brushes only to be combined with other materials later to produce a finished product.  Store bought hair is made from what industry insiders call “Thukkul” hair…the hair waste made of loose hair strands collected and piled together with the front and back end of the cuticles mixed together without carefully sorting the hair to be sure the cuticles are aligned in the same direction.  Once collected and amassed, the hair then undergoes a rigorous process involving the stripping of the cuticle and then the coating of the stripped cuticle with a silicone oil treatment that provides a false, temporary shine which washes away after a few shampoos. Thus leaving the mixed cuticles that are not properly aligned to cause excessive tangling and matting which worsens with each wash as more of the silicone layer is washed away. This is why store bought hair only looks great for about 2 or 3 washes.

We collect and import our hair from their genuine places of origin inclusive of the temples of India; Brazil; and The Russian Federation. 

What is the difference in quality between your various collections?

There is no difference in quality! We are committed to providing you with only the best in Virgin Indian Remy and Virgin Russian Remy Hair Extensions! Whether you choose a product from one collection over the other is a matter of style preference.  We believe in providing you with consistent hi end quality products among all of different types of hair extensions sold within our collections.

Because your hair is natural human hair...will there be a slight texture variation because no two scalps are identical?

Yes! There will be a slight variation in texture because our hair is natural human hair and humans are not 100% genetically identical...not even twins! An example of the texture variations can be seen in our shots of multiple bundles of hair. The slight differences in natural hair are also its beauty!

What colors do you have in your hair extensions?

We carry Natural Colors in our Virgin Remy Hair Extensions only.

Our Indian and Brazilian human hair extensions are available in natural colors from black to medium brown.  Our Russian human hair extensions are available in dark brown to auburn colors.

We recommend that clients wash and condition all textures (more specifically straight, wavy, and curly textures) and allow the hair to air dry naturally in order to display the natural wave or curl pattern of the hair at its best.

Of course all of our hair extensions can be colored to match a client's hair color by their stylists!

Once virgin hair has been colored, it can no longer be called Virgin. However the REMY quality  remains in effect!

 Can your hair be colored?

YES!  Either you or your stylist can color our 100% Virgin Remy Hair Extensions to your desired color option to achieve your style goals. 

Please note that it is not recommended to bleach the Indian Remy Hair Extensions of The Backstage Collection's Studio Clip Ins as this hair has already been colored to avoid damage to the hair. If you need a specific color  please ask us at sales@uvellehairextensions.com!

Can your Curly/Wavy textures be straightened?

Yes! This is the beauty of our Virgin Remy hair! Our curly and wavy textures can also be worn straight! You and your stylist will be amazed how easy it is to blow out and/or flat iron straight our curly and wavy hair for a full bodied straight look! To return to the natural curly or wavy texture simply wet your hair and allow to air dry! Feel free to go back and forth as many times as you like without losing the gorgeous genetic beauty of our hair!

I just received my hair and it is brushed! Where is the beautiful curl or wave pattern in the photos?

Don’t panic! Simply wash and condition the hair as if it were your own and allow to air dry naturally by laying it flat or hanging it on a pant hanger and watch the beautiful texture reveal itself right before your eyes as the hair dries!

How much hair should I purchase?

In order to install a full head of extensions you will need 8 ounces (two 4oz packs).  However, if you are using extensions to “fill out” your natural hair, 1 pack of extensions would be appropriate. Please consult with your stylist or contact us if you are unsure at sales@uvellehairextensions.com.

How do I take care of your Virgin Remy Hair Extensions?

As you would your own hair!  We suggest that clients condition their hair with each wash to show off the natural body, movement and shine and avoid over processing the hair with multiple color, perm and relaxer application. You may add light products as you and / or your stylist see fit! We also recommend brushing the hair into a ponytail or braid   before you sleep and brushing the hair every morning when you wake. Never sleep in wet hair…always be sure your hair is dry before sleeping at night.

Can I swim while wearing your hair extensions?

Of course! Before swimming in a chlorine filled pool, we advise drenching your hair extensions and your hair with fresh water. Thus greatly reducing the amount of Chlorine that will bind to your hair and the hair extensions. We also advice washing your hair immediately post swim while the hair is still wet. We suggest immediately applying a leave in conditioner post swim in salt water as it tends to be drying.

What is Machine Wefted Hair?

Machine wefted hair are hair extensions tied to a weft created by a machine. Stylists love this type of weft as it is easy to sew and cut; this weft type will lay flat for that undetectable look!

What is Hand Tied weft Hair?

Hand tied wefts are hair extensions that are tied together by hand. It is not suggested to cut the ends of hand tied wefts as they will unravel. Most stylists work around this by sealing the ends with an adhesive (nail glue is often used) or utilizing their own techniques to prevent the weft from unraveling.

Which weft you choose is totally dependent upon your preference.  

Once my order is placed…how long will it be until I receive my hair?

Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Our hair extensions require a 3 day processing period for domestic orders and 5 day processing period for International orders before shipment. We ship orders Monday through Friday.

As soon as your product(s) is shipped you will receive your FedEx tracking number by email. Your order will require an adult signature upon delivery. Please plan ahead if your order is time sensitive as we are not responsible for shipping delays by our carrier FedEx.

How are orders processed?

Orders are processed on a first come first serve basis for our limited hand selected supply of  hair extensions. If a product is found to be out of stock after order placement you will be notified immediately by email and given the opportunity to request another product(s) in place of the original order or request a refund of payment with the cancellation of the order.  This is the only instance in which we cancel orders.

I would like express shipping ... How can I submit this request? 

Simply select from the various Express Shipping options offered during checkout.  We offer Express Shipping domestically and internationally.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes we do! We offer international shipping at a cost.  Our service carrier is FedEx as they provide a tracking number which will be emailed to you as soon as your items are shipped at the end of the order processing period. This service requires an adult signature upon delivery.  

Can I cancel an order?

Unfortunately no. Once the payment has been submitted your order cannot be canceled.  Please be confident in your purchase. We are available by phone (646.448.8691) or email (sales@uvellehairextensions.com) to answer any questions you may have about our products. We want you to feel comfortable about purchasing our hair before you click the "Place Order" button! 

Do you provide a salon discount for your products?

Yes we do! Please refer to our Salons & Stylists page! 

How are hair extensions applied?

Please refer to our video page (soon to be released) on our blog showing various types of hair extension techniques utilized by professional stylists. Join our mailing list to be notified of the launch of our "How To" video page on our upcoming Blog and to be notified of private sales!

Please be advised that the models pictured in our photos are used for illustrative purposes. Similar looks of all styles featured on our website can be achieved by your professional stylist!


Notice Regarding Model Photos: Please be advised that the models in our photos are used for illustrative purposes. Models are in no way endorsing our products. Similar looks of all styles featured on our website can be achieved by your professional stylist.