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About   Uvelle  HairTM

Ø  100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair & 100% Virgin Russian Remy Hair

Ø  We collect on the healthiest ponytails from India and Russia for our collections

Ø  Consistent High End Quality Among ALL Hair Collections!

Ø   Each 4oz package is cut from a single donor and hand picked to ensure the healthiest ponytails are chosen in order to provide you with peerless quality Remy hair.

Ø   Customized Color Process for our colored Russian Hair that protects the hair's cuticles contributing to the longevity of your investment.

Ø   True "Remy" Quality - Unprocessed  and Intact Cuticles with Natural Elasticity …No stripping or treatment with acid and silicone oils

Ø   Intact & Unidirectional Cuticles ensures hair maintains natural behavior and longevity

Ø    No End Life! Simply treat the hair as if it were your own for maximum longevity.

Ø   Full Bodied Packages of Hair

Ø   Versatile Texture suitable for a wide range of hair types

Ø   Choice of  Secure & Thin Hi-Quality Machine Weft

Ø   Choice of Extra Fine Micro Weft for Select Products

Ø   Easily Change Curly or Wavy Hair to Straight with your heat tool of Choice …and back again  by washing/conditioning  the hair and allowing to dry naturally!         

Ø   Hair can be colored, permed, heat styled and relaxed

Ø   Natural  Luster, Body, and Movement… the key elements of style!




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